Protocol Number  Title    Principal Investigator 
06-NR-0029Neurotropin treatment of fibromyalgia     
Saligan, Leorey

Evaluation and diagnosis of potential research subjects with pain and fatigue syndromes

Saligan, Leorey


Effects of chronic musculoskeletal pain and opioidergic versus placebo interventions on neuroendocrine function in men

Mannes, Andrew

09-NR-0064Brain-gut interactions in overweight and normal weight patients with chronic abdominal painHenderson, Wendy
09-NR-0088Molecular-genetic correlates of fatigue in cancer patients receiving localized external beam radiation therapySaligan, Leorey
09-NR-0131Fatigue in healthy individualsSaligan, Leorey
09-NR-N218Clinical and translational biobehavorial applicationsHenderson, Wendy
09-NR-N228Immuno-genetic mechanisms in gastrointestinal symptom distressHenderson, Wendy
10-NR-0128Relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction and fatigue in cancer patients following external beam radiation therapySaligan, Leorey
11-NR-0014Investigating molecular-genetic correlates of fatigue experienced by cancer patients receiving treatmentSaligan, Leorey
12-NR-0054Integrative Genomic Analysis In Phantom Limb PainKim, Hyungsuk
12-NR-0195Evaluation and Treatment Protocol for Potential Research Participants with Digestive DisordersHenderson, Wendy
12-NR-N102Mediterranean Dietary Intervention in Pediatric Hyperlipidemia: Biomarker OutcomesEngler, Marguerite
12-NR-N131NINR Repository Protocol

Kim, Hyungsuk

14-NR-0034Effects of Dietary Blackcurrent Extract and PCSO-524 (PernaCanaliculus Supercritical Oil) on Endothelial Function and Biomarkers of Vascular Health

Engler, Marguerite


Meilleur, Katherine

15-NR-0085Effects of Tart Cherry and Aroniaberry Supplementation on Endothelial Function and Cardiovascular Measures in Healthy Older Adults: Interactions with Genotype and ProteomeEngler, Mary