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Division of Management Services (DMS)

The Division of Management Services (DMS) supports NINR programs and activities through its coordination of administrative, financial, information technology, and management policy analysis services. DMS is responsible for formulating and implementing the Institute’s budget and financial management operations; interpreting and applying new and revised administrative policies, regulations, and management activities; directing information technology and information systems; and establishing administrative procedures for the Institute.

Olga Acosta
Executive Officer & Deputy Executive Officer

Office of Administrative Services (OAS)

OAS manages administrative services across the Institute, including those related to personnel, property, acquisitions, facilities, and travel.

Demond Gibson, Chief

Office of Financial Management (OFS)

OFS performs functions related to the formulation, presentation, and execution of the Institute's budget and financial management operations.

Kevin Wilson

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

OIT manages the Institute’s information technology infrastructure and assets.

Diane Kuszewski
Acting Chief Information Officer & Information Technology Specialist

Office of Management Policy and Analysis (OMPA)

OMPA advises on administrative policies and procedures, assists with the implementation of regulations, conducts ongoing analyses, and oversees administrative programs.


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