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Division of Science Policy and Public Liaison (DSPPL)

DSPPL’s role at NINR is twofold. It oversees NINR’s communication activities and disseminates information to stakeholders and the general public. It is also responsible for NINR’s science policy, planning, and reporting functions. DSPPL keeps the NINR community and the general public informed of Institute scientific initiatives, news, and events, and maintains NINR’s website and social media presence. It facilitates relationships between NINR, Congress, stakeholder groups and the public, DSPPL has two offices that closely collaborate on division activities: the Office of Communications and Public Liaison and the Office of Science Policy and Legislation.

Doug Hussey

Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL)

OCPL connects NINR with the scientific and academic communities, general public, and the media through outreach efforts, publications, media relations, and health communications materials and initiatives. OCPL has two branches: Health Communications and Public Liaison.

Jo-Ann Kriebel, MA
Acting Chief and Communications Director

Health Communications Branch

Public Liaison Branch

Office of Science Policy and Legislation (OSPL)

OSPL is responsible for NINR’s scientific reporting, strategic planning, legislative analysis, and outreach to scientific constituent groups. OSPL monitors and analyzes NINR’s extramural and intramural research and training activities, and develops comprehensive information for NINR leadership, NIH, HHS, the White House, and the Congress on the achievements of NINR-supported scientists and the impact of their work.

John Grason, PhD

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