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Research and Research Infrastructure "Grand Opportunities" (RC2)

All ARRA grant application deadlines are now expired. 

To learn more about NIH ARRA projects, including funding maps by state or congressional district, featured topics, and project profiles, visit

Please note: This Funding Opportunity Announcement has expired. The application due date was May 29, 2009.

Please see NOT-OD-09-104 for information on the extension of the error-correction window until June 5, 2009 for applications submitted under this funding opportunity.

This webpage provides information on applying for support from the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) under RFA-OD-09-004: Research and Research Infrastructure "Grand Opportunities" (RC2). For full details on this NIH opportunity, please view the full announcement:

Please also see NOT-NR-09-008, which indicates NINR's participation in this initiative.


The NIH has established a new program entitled Research and Research Infrastructure "Grand Opportunities," hereafter called the "GO" grants program. This new program will support projects that address large, specific, biomedical and biobehavioral research endeavors that will benefit from significant 2-year funds, without the expectation of continued NIH funding beyond two years. The research supported by the "GO" grants program should have high short-term impact, and a high likelihood of enabling growth and investment in research within NINR's mission and priority science areas germane to the 'science of health.'

This initiative is one of several being offered by NIH and NINR to help fulfill the goals of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act or ARRA) to help stimulate the economy through support of biomedical and behavioral research. For more information on NINR ARRA-related activities, please visit:

For additional information on NINR's mission, strategic plan, and priority science areas, please see Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact program staff to explore the mission-relevance of their proposed work.

Additional information about the Recovery Act and related NIH opportunities is available through the NIH Office of Extramural Research (

NINR Areas of Scientific Priority for "Grand Opportunity" Awards ("GO" Grants)

Applications submitted under this announcement for NINR funding must propose innovative research on novel hypotheses or difficult problems, solutions to which would have an extremely high impact on 'science of health' research that is germane to the NINR mission. Under this initiative, NINR intends to support new projects, not continuations of projects that have already been initiated or projects of limited scope designed primarily to generate data that enables a PI to seek other funding opportunities. Funded projects are expected to be completed during the funding periods as identified in RFA-OD-09-004.

NINR seeks innovative applications that foster creative discoveries that will accelerate advancements to the 'science of health' and that are relevant to NINR's mission. 'Science of health' is the pursuit of applicable knowledge about health that centers on the nature and behavior of living systems interacting with their environments to promote healthy lifestyles, extend quality and years of life, and reduce or eliminate illness, disability, and health disparities. For this FOA, to facilitate the expansion of the 'science of health,' the framework of interest will integrate interdisciplinary knowledge about the interactions of life, human function, and health outcomes.

NINR Funding Information

Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards: NINR expects to commit up to $4 million in FYs 2009-2010 to fund 4 grants, contingent upon the submission of a sufficient number of scientifically meritorious applications. Because the nature and scope of the proposed research will vary from application to application, the size of each award will also vary. The total amount awarded and the number of awards will depend upon the quality duration, and costs of the applications selected for award.

Budget and Project Period: Support may be requested for up to $700,000 in direct costs per year (excluding consortium Facilities and Administrative [F&A] costs) over a two-year period. The total cost for individual awards is expected to vary, depending on the scope of the project and the number of awards.

Research Plan Component Length: The Research Plan component, as identified in Item 5 in RFA-OD-09-004, may not exceed 12 pages, including tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, and charts.

Eligible Institutions/Organizations: Institutions/organizations listed in Section III, 1.A. of RFA-OD-09-004 are eligible to apply. Foreign institutions/organizations are not eligible to apply.

Key Dates

UPDATE Applications must be submitted through by May 29, 2009. Please note this change in deadline (see NOT-OD-09-090). Applications cannot be submitted earlier than April 27, 2009. For more information on submitting an application, please see RFA-OD-09-004.

Applications will be peer reviewed in June/July, 2009, with Council review in August, 2009. The earliest anticipated start date is September 30, 2009.

Letters of intent are due Monday, April 27th, 2009. Letters of intent should be sent to:

Dr. Yuijing Liu, Chief
Office of Review
National Institute of Nursing Research
6701 Democracy Plaza; Suite 710
Bethesda, MD 20892-4870
Telephone: 301-451-5152
FAX: 301-480-8260

NINR Contact Information

For further information, please contact the NINR Program Director or Grants Management Specialist listed below.

For scientific/research questions, contact:
Dr. Linda S. Weglicki, PhD, RN, MSN
Program Director
National Institute of Nursing Research
National Institutes of Health
Phone: 301-594-6908
Fax: 301-480-8260

For financial or grants management questions, contact:
Lawrence Haller
Grants Management Specialist
National Institute of Nursing Research
National Institutes of Health
Phone: 301-402-1878
Fax: 301-451-5652

Note: Organizations must register in both and ERA Commons to apply for most NIH Grants.

Registration can take approximately four weeks to complete. Start now!

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