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Because of Nursing Research

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Doctors and nurses in lobby

Helping Families COPE with Premature Births

Because of nursing research, there is a program to help the parents of a premature infant learn about prematurity. As a result, they feel less stressed and anxious while their infant is in the hospital. This program empowers parents to be more involved in their infant's care, leading to better infant outcomes.

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Elder Man & Doctor

End-of-Life Care in the ICU

Because of nursing research, doctors and nurses taking care of a dying patient in an intensive care unit (ICU) can communicate better with family members. This communication includes taking the time to listen to concerns and answer questions. As a result, the family members may feel less stress and find it easier to take part in making decisions on care – even when the decision involves whether to continue or withdraw life support measures. 

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Elder Woman & Daughter

Supporting Technologies for Healthy Independent Living

For many older adults, there’s no place like home. However, 80% of older adults live with at least one chronic condition, and 50% live with two or more. Managing these conditions can be challenging for older adults and may limit their ability to live independently as they age. Poorly controlled chronic illness can lead to dramatic changes in health, emergency room visits, hospitalization, complex treatments, and high costs. Nursing research is developing new technologies to help older adults maintain their health as they age in place in their homes and communities, instead of moving to a nursing home as their health care needs change.

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