Campaign Videos

Care for Children With Serious Illnesses

This two and half minute video provides a straightforward overview of pediatric palliative care for families, providers and organizations. 

El tratamiento de niños con enfermedades graves

The Spanish-captioned version of the Care for Children With Serious Illnesses video.

Watch the video vignettes below to better understand the importance of palliative care for pediatric patients and for ideas about how to start and manage palliative care conversations with your pediatric patients, their parents or caregivers, and their families. The vignettes are informational and are not intended to provide specific training.

Pediatric Palliative Care

This vignette introduces palliative care and explains why it is important—especially for pediatric patients. It addresses common misconceptions about palliative care and encourages health care professionals to discuss palliative care with pediatric patients and their families. Video length: 2 min, 28 sec.

Starting a Conversation about Pediatric Palliative Care

This vignette acknowledges that starting a palliative care conversation with pediatric patients and their families can be difficult. The video includes tips for starting palliative care conversations and for keeping these conversations ongoing. Video length: 2 min, 42 sec.

Pediatric Palliative Care: A Personal Story

This vignette shares the story of Rachel—a pediatric neuroblastoma patient—and her family. The story demonstrates how palliative care can positively influence a patient’s and family’s experience with illness. Video length: 3 min, 13 sec.

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