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NINR Fellows Participate in NIH Postbac Poster Day 2015

May 28, 2015
2015 Postbac Poster Day

On April 30, seven post-baccalaureate fellows in NINR’s Division of Intramural Research (DIR) presented at NIH’s Postbac Poster Day 2015. The annual event provides young investigators with an opportunity to develop their scientific communication and networking skills while presenting their NIH research. This year’s event brought nearly 600 poster presenters.

NINR congratulates Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) fellow Whitney Livingston (pictured, right), who—with a score in the top 20 percent of all posters judged—received an Outstanding Poster Award for the poster she produced describing her work on detecting of meningeal injury using contrast-enhanced, FLAIR magnetic resonance imaging and differential gene expression. She works with Dr. Jessica Gill (Lasker Clinical Research Scholar in DIR’s Tissue Injury Branch).

Six additional NINR young investigators presented at Poster Day 2015. Tosh Lejbman, also working with Dr. Jessica Gill, described how peripheral concentrations of amyloid-beta and tau are increased in military personnel who sustain a traumatic brain injury during deployment. IRTA fellow Christiana Martin, working with both Dr. Jessica Gill and DIR’s Dr. Hyung-Suk Kim presented on altered gene expression patterns of posttraumatic stress disorder across comorbid conditions in a military cohort.

Technical IRTA fellow Jeffrey Elliott, who works with Dr. Katherine Meilleur (Assistant Clinical Investigator in DIR’s Tissue Injury Branch), presented on the validation of ActiGraph GT3X accelerometers in collagen VI-related muscular dystrophy and LAMA2-related muscular dystrophy. Fatoumata Tounkara , also with Dr. Katherine Meilleur, discussed the prospective natural history of ambulatory status in children with collagen type VI-related dystrophy and laminin alpha-2 related dystrophy.

Eric Ferguson, an IRTA fellow who works with Dr. Wendy Henderson (Principal Investigator in DIR’s Biobehavioral Branch), discussed microbial genetics and mass-spectrometry analysis of synthetic disaccharide metabolism by the human microbiota. Mike Renner, who works with DIR’s Dr. Leorey Saligan, described skeletal muscle changes in a mouse model of radiation-induced fatigue.

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