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NINR Investigators Participate in NIH Research Festival

September 25, 2017

The annual NIH Research Festival highlights the array of innovative research conducted at in-house labs across NIH. Poster sessions at the festival showcase the research of NIH’s fellows and trainees, stimulating discussion across NIH Institutes and labs. This year’s festival also included a special poster session that allowed NIH Institute and Scientific Directors to highlight their research alongside that of fellows and trainees.

Investigators from NINR’s Division of Intramural Research presented posters at the festival, covering areas such as fatigue related to cancer and its treatment, the effects of exercise on mitochondrial function, weight gain after organ transplant, and the effectiveness of genotype-phenotype profiles for predicting severity of symptoms related to certain genetic myopathies.

NINR participants included:

Cancer-Related Fatigue and the Adaptive Response to Oxidative Stress
K Dickinson, D Wang, J Barb, JP Bennett, S Collins, D Lyon, LN Saligan

The Effects of Exercise on Mitochondrial Function
QH Nguyen, RL Feng, BL Yuan, RJ Domingo, A Nath, B Walitt, LN Saligan

Effects of radiation-induced fatigue on motor function
SA Raheem, B Wolff, R Feng, LN Saligan

Dynamics in Weight Gain after Kidney Transplantation
AK Cashion, Y-E Cho, C Lai, HS Kim

A novel approach to genotype-phenotype profiling for ryanodine receptor 1-related myopathies
MO Shelton, JW Witherspoon, C A, MS R, MX Cortes, IC Chrismer, Z Xuemin, KG Meilleur

More information on the NIH Research Festival, including poster abstracts, can be found at

Kristin Dickinson
Quang Nguyen
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