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Video Now Available: Advancing Science, Improving Lives: A Window to the Future

January 13, 2017

Updated January 13, 2017: Video of this event is now available. Please click play on the embedded video below, or watch on the NINR YouTube channel at:


This event brought together scientists, healthcare professionals, and members of the public to examine the advancements in nursing science that build the foundation for clinical practice and enhance the health of the nation. This scientific symposium featured distinguished scientific speakers and included panel discussions on the topics of sleep and omics science.

To view the agenda, please visit:


Speakers included:

Director of Ceremonies:

Dr. Afaf Meleis

Scientific Speakers:

Dr. David Dinges

Dr. Nancy Redeker

Dr. Terri Weaver

Dr. Yvette Conley

Dr. Bernice Coleman

Dr. Jessica Gill

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