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Because of Nursing Research: Supporting Technologies for Healthy Independent Living

December 22, 2014

This month, NINR posted a new “Because of Nursing Research” story, which is part of a series of online science features that inform the public of the benefits of nursing research.

The article focuses on how nurse scientists are developing new technologies, such as intelligent monitoring systems, to help older adults maintain their health as they age in place in their homes and communities as their health care needs change. A team of nurses, social workers, physicians, informatics experts, and engineers led by Dr. Marilyn Rantz and the Eldertech Research team at the University of Missouri have created an intelligent sensor system which monitors health-related symptoms of older adults and sends alerts to health care providers when it detects early warning signs of a potential health issue.

Full details about the intelligent monitoring systems that help older adults maintain their health and independent living are available on the NINR website.

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