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Video Now Available - Dr. MarySue Heilemann's NINR Director's Lecture

July 24, 2015
Dr. MarySue Heilemann and Dr. Heilemann

Dr. MarySue Heilemann presented the first of two 2015 NINR Director’s Lectures on June 24. In her talk, “From the Silver Screen to the Web: Portrayals of Nursing in Media,” Dr. Heilemann discussed historical portrayals of nurses in print and visual media, as well as issues related to future media representations of nursing.

If you missed the live event, the recording of Dr. Heilemann’s NINR Director’s Lecture is now available on NINR’s YouTube channel.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Heilemann, an Associate Professor at the UCLA School of Nursing, is an internationally recognized researcher and methodologist. As an innovator on the use of media in nursing science, Dr. Heilemann has deepened the dialogue about the effects of media stereotypes on the profession of nursing, health care, and society at large. As an NINR-funded scientist, Dr. Heilemann’s research interventions combined multiple modalities to increase resilience among low income, second generation Latinas in the U.S. This work led Heilemann to consider the use of media in health research and her move to the city of Los Angeles brought an unexpected role consulting with Hollywood filmmakers on the creation of nurse characters.

About the Event:

The NINR Director’s Lecture Series is designed to bring the nation’s top nurse scientists to the NIH campus to share their work and interests with a trans-disciplinary audience.

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