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Putting a Human Face on Scientific Research

September 24, 2015

LabTV showcases early-stage scientists who are passionate about what they do. The short videos put a personal spin on science and go beyond the work published in journals. Several NINR scientists are among the prominent researchers featured by LabTV. 

Dr. Leo Saligan worked at the bedside in both nursing homes and hospitals before he started his career in research. Now he studies chronic fatigue related to radiation therapy for cancer.

Dr. Jessica Gill’s interest in traumatic brain injuries (TBI) began with a job at the Veteran's Administration. She realized that there was still much work to do to help not only veterans, but other TBI patients as well. 

Dr. Nicolass Fourie's childhood fascination with animals and plants grew into a love of science. He now studies gastrointestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

Dr. Kristin Filler enjoys the blend of working in a lab and meeting with patients. She studies blood to find ways to manage the side effects that can come with cancer treatments. 

You can learn more about Lab TV and watch other videos here:


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