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Cashion Discusses Patient Care at St. Jude

June 5, 2019
photo of Dr. Cashion

Nursing science is rooted in answering research questions that arise from caring for patients. This fact makes it very fitting that the keynote speaker at this year’s St. Jude Children's Research Hospital’s Patient Care Services Symposium was NINR Acting Director and Scientific Director, Dr. Ann Cashion. During Dr. Cashion’s recent presentation, “Nursing Science: Harnessing Innovation for Patient Care,” she discussed NINR-supported scientific advances in patient care.

With the audience of nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals, Dr. Cashion shared research on patient care, including work on measuring and treating symptoms in congenital diseases, advancements in self-management strategies for adolescents, and caregiving for children with chronic conditions among others. She also spoke about genomics, omics and nurse scientists, and NINR and NIH initiatives such as All of Us and the Palliative Care: Conversations Matter® campaign. The research and initiatives Dr. Cashion discussed demonstrate the pivotal part nurse scientists play in research discoveries that enhance patient care.

When looking toward the future, Dr. Cashion stated that “to maintain and expand their roles as leaders in the research community, nurse scientists must keep pace with the latest techniques, initiatives, and innovations in science.”

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