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NINR Director's Lecture: Nurse Scientist Focused on Changing Clinical Practice

June 19, 2014
Drew Speaking

Dr. Barbara Drew, Professor of Physiological Nursing and Clinical Professor of Medicine in Cardiology at the University of California, San Francisco, began the May NINR Director’s Lecture by asking: “How do you judge whether a program of clinical research is successful?” Her answer: Clinical research is successful if it changes clinical practice. In her presentation, “Electrocardiographic Monitoring: Two Decades of Discovery,” Drew shared several examples of how her NINR-supported work has changed clinical practice related to cardiac monitoring techniques over the past 20 years.

“Dr. Drew is a real pioneer in the area of electrocardiography,” said Dr. Patricia A. Grady, director of NINR. “Her work has resulted in the modification of the way we approach clinical monitoring, ECGs, and the monitors themselves, and how these results are interpreted. Her research exemplifies how nurse researchers build the scientific foundation for clinical practice.”

To watch the archived videocast of the lecture, please visit

The lecture is part of the NINR’s Director’s Lectures series, which is designed to bring the nation’s top nurse scientists to the NIH campus to share their work and interests with a transdisciplinary audience. The lecture series was initiated as part of the year-long observation of the Institute’s first 25 years at the NIH.

The next NINR Director’s Lecture will take place on September 16, 2014 and will be delivered by Dr. Barbara Medoff-Cooper, who is internationally recognized for her research on infant development, feeding behaviors in high-risk infants, and infant temperament. For more information, please visit

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