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Sustainable Healthy Behaviors in Children and Adolescents

July 10, 2014
child with apple

How do we influence children and youth to make healthy behavior choices? When are health-promoting behaviors learned and internalized as lifelong health practices? NINR and the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research have released a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) supporting innovative research to answer these types of questions.

The dramatic increase of obesity in America’s youth has proven difficult to reverse. While decades of research document the challenge of initiating and maintaining behavior change, obesity is starting at an earlier age. Data suggest that methods of promoting health should begin early in a child’s development instead of trying to remedy unhealthy behaviors later in life.

The ultimate goal of this FOA is to support research that identifies and enhances processes that promote sustainable positive behaviors or changes in social and cultural norms that influence health and health behaviors. Applications to promote positive health behaviors should target social and cultural factors, including, but not limited to: schools, families, communities, population, food industry, age-appropriate learning tools and games, social media, social networking, technology and mass media.

Application Due Date: Standard dates apply. For more information about this funding opportunity, please visit (R01) and (R21). 

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