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New Research Highlights Available

June 9, 2017

NINR has recently highlighted five NINR-funded studies on its website. These studies include:

  • Chronic Wound Microbiome Dynamics Influence Healing: A study on diabetic foot ulcers found differences in the microbial populations of these wounds, and concluded that effective clinical control of chronic wounds disrupts bacterial colonization.
  • Pain Experience Changes During the Menopause Transition: Findings from the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN) suggest that pain levels experienced by women change during their menstrual transition.
  • Urinary Peptide May Aid in Identifying Bone Loss in Menopausal Women: Another study using data from the SWAN trial found that a urinary marker may be useful in assessing rates of bone loss.
  • Interdependence between Caregivers and Patients: In a study of patients with incurable cancer and their family caregivers, researchers found that patients and caregivers showcased anxiety and depressive symptoms reflective of each other.
  • Cancer Type Plays a Role in Palliative Care: In a study that included patients with blood cancer and patients with solid tumors, researchers found that palliative care clinicians approach the care of patients differently based on cancer type.

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