July 17, 2017

The 2017 NINR Summer Genetics Institute (SGI) was held June 5–30, on the NIH Campus in Bethesda, MD. The SGI is a tuition-free, one-month research training program that provides participants with a foundation in molecular genetics appropriate for use in research and clinical practice. The program seeks to increase the research capability among graduate students and faculty and to develop and expand clinical practice in genetics among clinicians. The SGI provides a framework for attendees to work more productively in interdisciplinary teams, by equipping those who participate with the knowledge, language, tools, and methodologies of genomics research.

The 2017 class of 25 attendees come from 17 states and 24 academic institutions. Upon completion of the program, participants receive eight hours of graduate-level college credit. The SGI features lectures and intensive hands-on laboratory training. The class of 2017 will join over 350 alumni that have completed this training program.

For more information on the SGI, please visit www.ninr.nih.gov/sgi or send an email to ninrsgi@mail.nih.gov.

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