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Funding Opportunity | HEAL Initiative: Prevention and Management of Chronic Pain in Rural Populations

October 7, 2022

The NIH has published a new HEAL Initiative Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), RFA-NR-23-001, encouraging UG3/UH3 phased cooperative research applications to accelerate implementation of effective non-opioid interventions for chronic pain management in rural and remote populations. Projects include pragmatic, implementation, or hybrid effectiveness-implementation trials to improve pain management and reduce the use of inappropriate opioid medications. The application due date is November 21, 2022.

Technical Assistance Webinar

Awards made under this FOA will initially support a milestone-driven, planning phase (UG3) of one to two years, with possible transition to an implementation phase (UH3) of up to four years duration (five years total for the two phases). UG3 projects that have met the scientific milestone and feasibility requirements may transition to the UH3 phase. The UG3/UH3 application must be submitted as a single application, following the instructions described in this FOA.

For more information about this funding opportunity and details on eligibility, application due dates, and award administration, please view the full funding announcement.