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NINR maps out the future of nursing science with a new Strategic Plan

September 13, 2016
Strategic Plan 2016

NINR’s new Strategic Plan, Advancing Science, Improving Lives: A Vision for Nursing Science, details the Institute’s priorities for the conduct and support of future nursing science. The blueprint for the Plan grew from the Institute’s 2011 Strategic Plan, past scientific accomplishments, and current research priorities.

The Plan highlights four areas of scientific focus – symptom science, wellness, self-management, and end-of-life and palliative care. Two other areas are described that are emphasized across all of NINR’s research programs: promoting innovation, and developing 21st century nurse scientists.

Also shaping this new Plan was the NINR Innovative Questions (IQ) initiative, an effort by NINR to encourage new thinking and creativity in nursing science from the broader scientific community and general public. The IQ Initiative sought to explore unanswered questions, promote results-oriented research, and guide the science over the next five to ten years. The innovative questions that emerged from the IQ Initiative played a major role in informing the future research directions that are presented in the Strategic Plan.

To read a message from Dr. Grady on the new Strategic Plan, click here.

To download the Strategic Plan, visit or click here. To order print copies, please call 301-496-0207 or send an email to

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