NINR has developed funding principles consistent with the overall NIH goals, considering the funds provided this fiscal year.

Non-competing awards:

NINR will issue these without cost of living/inflationary adjustments in FY 2012; however adjustments for special needs (such as equipment and added personnel) will continue to be accommodated. This policy applies to all grants (research and non-research) when applicable.

New and competing grants:

In general, grants will be funded in priority score or percentile order. Additional considerations will include program relevance and need, NINR’s strategic priorities, duplication of ongoing research, availability of funds, and recommendations by the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research.  Council and program staff may selectively recommend the payment of grants out of priority score order based on Institute mission and priorities and to maintain a diverse and balanced portfolio. NINR will also place special emphasis on new investigators (NOT-OD-09-013), first competing renewals of new investigators, and competing renewals of established investigators with insufficient other support.

We realize that the increasingly high overall average cost of NINR grants is largely attributable to the high percentage of clinical studies. NINR may make adjustments to R01 grants to maintain the average cost of competing RPGs at the FY 2011 level or lower, as directed by NIH policy.

Large Grants:

Research applications that exceed $350,000 in direct costs and are scored 30 or better will be taken to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research for special consideration of the high budget.

NIH/NINR requires pre-approval for applications requesting direct costs of $500,000 or more in any year. The program director whose area of science incorporates the application must receive at least the following as part of the process to evaluate proposed high budget applications:

The cover page
Abstract of the proposal
All of the budget pages and budget justification
Specific aims

Inflationary Increases for Future Years:

Inflationary increases for future year commitments will be discontinued for all competing and non-competing research grant awards issued in FY 2012, however adjustments for special needs (such as equipment and added personnel) will continue to be accommodated.

Revision of FY 2012 Awards:

FY 2012 awards have been revised and adjusted in accordance with NIH policy (NOT-OD-12-036).

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSA):

The NIH will implement a two percent increase at all stipend levels. (NOT-OD-12-033)

Salary Limits:

Section 203 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act prohibits payments for salaries under grants and other extramural mechanisms to rates in excess of Executive Level II. (NOT-OD-12-035)

Additional Information:

Additional details on Fiscal Operations, including specific funding strategies for ICs will be posted at (Financial). The new NIH policy on Efficient Spending related to grants supporting conferences and meetings is described at: (NOT-OD-12-041). Information on legislative mandates in effect for FY 2012 can be found at: (NOT-OD-12-034)

Updated Date: May 4, 2012