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Biobehavioral Branch

The Biobehavioral Branch supports research into the interplay of behavioral, biological, and environmental determinants of health and wellness across populations. The research focuses on the following areas:

Digestive Disorders Unit (Principal Investigator: Dr. Wendy Henderson)

This research focuses on improving the understanding of the mechanisms involved in symptom distress related to digestive disorders, specifically the biobehavioral relationships between inflammation and patient symptoms. The long-term goal of this research is to identify genetic or other biologic/physiologic factors to improve diagnoses and predict patient-related clinical outcomes. 

Sensory Science and Metabolism Unit (Principal Investigator: Dr. Paule Joseph)

The Sensory Science and Metabolism Unit (SenSMet) is focused on understanding the integral process underlying the primary senses—principally chemosensation. Dr. Joseph’s laboratory examines the fundamental molecular, behavioral, and neural mechanisms associated with chemosensory symptoms (taste and smell alterations) in metabolic conditions such as type-2 diabetes, obesity, and related comorbidities.

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