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NINR Research Training Mechanisms

The NINR is dedicated to enhancing and accelerating the development and maintenance of a community of nurse researchers committed to excellence in science. The NINR supports individuals beginning research training, as well as those continuing in the development of their research careers.

Below is a brief summary of the training mechanisms currently available for NINR applicants.

Diagram of NINR Training Mechanisms. Chart has one large rectangular box at top titled "NINR Training Mechanisms." Underneath that box are three rectangular boxes labeled "Individual Fellowships," "Institutional Fellowships," and "Career Development Awards."At the bottom is a rectangular box reading from left to right: F31, F32, F33 (under Individual Fellowships); T32 under "Institutional Fellowship"; and K01, K22, K23, K24, and K99 under "Career Development Awards.

Please click on the Training page to see the details of available funding mechanisms currently sponsored by NINR in the development of new nurse scientists.

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