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Genomics Workshop Summary

Advancing Genomic Nursing Science
Workshop Summary


Following up on the framework described in the Blueprint for Genomic Nursing Science (J Nurs Scholarsh, 2013 Mar;45(1):96-104), NINR convened a Genomic Nursing Science Workshop in August 2013. This Workshop brought together experts from diverse disciplines (view the roster) to identify a series of research questions that are aligned with the themes that have evolved from NINR’s strategic plan. Specifically, participants were charged with developing research questions to point the way forward in genomic nursing research in the following areas:

Questions to Advance Genomic Nursing Science

1. What are the biologic, physiologic and/or omic mechanisms underlying symptoms and patient outcomes?

2. Based on individual omics, environmental factors, and behavior what are the most effective and targeted interventions that can be expedited for translation to reduce risk and promote health?

3. What are the relative contributions of omic markers and phenomic data in predicting individual responses to therapeutic interventions that improve patient outcomes such as quality of life?

4. For high risk patients who are at the end of life, how can genetic assessment and DNA banking be used to address familial risk?

5. How should omic discoveries be used to create and test technologies (such as clinical tools) that can be used to diagnose clinical problems, predict the clinical course and promote optimal outcomes?

6. In what ways can genomic information be used to promote adherence and improve self-management of chronic conditions?

7. How does the social environment interact with gene expression to influence resilience in coping with life challenges?

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