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Omics Nursing Science & Education Network (ONSEN)

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The purpose of the Omics Nursing Science & Education Network (ONSEN) is to assist those interested in including omics in their program of nursing research. The creation of this resource network was recommended by leaders from the nurse scientist community who wanted to enable collaboration, mentoring, and access to training opportunities. Read more about the options for you to contribute to this growing network of colleagues working together to advance nursing science through omics-based research.

Genomics at NINR

Advances in genomics crosscut multiple areas of nursing science and are critical for understanding the molecular underpinnings of disease and associated symptoms. NINR supports research to:

  • Identify and characterize the genomic contributions to symptom manifestation, disease risk, and health outcomes.
  • Develop and test personalized, genomic-based interventions aimed at promoting wellness in the general population, as well as improve outcomes in individuals with or at risk for acute and chronic illness across the lifespan.