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Previous Initiatives

National Nursing Research Roundtable

The National Nursing Research Roundtable (NNRR) brought together nursing organizations with a significant research interest to convene an annual meeting. The annual meeting provided an opportunity for clinicians, scientists, educators, scholars, and policy leaders to discuss priorities important for both the science and practice of nursing, and leverage research resources.

Palliative Care: Conversations MatterTM

NINR launched Palliative Care: Conversations MatterTM, an evidence-based communications campaign, to increase awareness of and improve communications around pediatric palliative care. The campaign included materials such as videos, tear-off pads, resource cards, fact sheets, a provider toolkit, and brochures for health care providers and for families with seriously ill children.

The materials were designed to assist health care providers with starting and continuing conversations about pediatric palliative care with their patients and patients’ families. The materials for parents and families helped raise awareness and empower families to begin a dialogue with health care providers.

End-of-Life Caregiving 

Caring for someone who is at the end of life is a difficult experience. It can be both rewarding and stressful. Many people provide this care to relatives, friends, neighbors, and people they choose to call family.

NINR developed a series of fact sheets as part of an end-of-life caregiving series. Although we know that every caregiver’s experience is different, these resources, which are available in English and Spanish, offer guidance to consider when caring for someone at the end of life. They cover topics such as caring for yourself while caregiving, communicating as a caregiver, and taking control of caregiving.

Summer Genetics Institute (SGI)

Sponsored by NINR, the Summer Genetics Institute (SGI) provided participants with a foundation in molecular genetics appropriate for use in research and clinical practice. Nearly 450 SGI graduates are making a difference in communities across the country -- building programs of nursing research in genetics; disseminating the results of genetics-related research in peer-reviewed scientific publications and at scientific conferences; and integrating genetics content in nursing school curricula and practice.

On June 22, 2020, NINR hosted the SGI 20th Anniversary Symposium. The program reflected on the milestones of the SGI program, examined how omics methodologies are improving symptom measurement and characterization, and explored how this research informs approaches to biobehavioral interventional methods.

Omics Nursing Science & Education Network (ONSEN)

The purpose of the Omics Nursing Science & Education Network (ONSEN) was to assist those interested in including omics in their program of nursing research. The creation of this resource network was recommended by leaders from the nurse scientist community who wanted to enable collaboration, mentoring, and access to training opportunities.