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30th Anniversary Scientific Symposium: “Advancing Science, Improving Lives: A Window to the Future
September 14, 2016
This scientific symposium concluded the commemoration of NINR's 30th Anniversary. It featured distinguished scientific speakers and include panel discussions on the science of sleep and precision health.



Midcareer Technical Workshop:
The videos provide an overview of opportunities and dilemmas often encountered by midcareer scientists as they work to develop a sponsored project into a successful and sustained program of research (POR). Senior and midcareer scientists and a NINR program officer discuss significant guideposts, useful strategies, and lessons learned.

NINR Overview Video:
The NINR Overview Video gives an overview of the Institute in short segments for easier viewing by topic at your own pace. Please click on the "playlist" icon in the upper left corner of the embedded playlist below to select a segment, or click play to watch the segments in sequence:


30th Annniversary Scientific Symposium:
NINR marked the 30th anniversary of nursing science at the NIH by hosting a year of scientific symposia and scholarly events, which began with our "Advancing Science, Improving Lives" Scientific Symposium in October 2015.


Dr. Grady on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal"

NINR Director Dr. Patricia A. Grady discussed the public health impact of nursing science. If you can't see or play the embedded C-SPAN video below, watch it on C-SPAN's website at


NINR Video: "Nursing Research: Bringing Science to Life"

In this long-form version of one of our most popular videos, NINR Director Dr. Patricia A. Grady gives an overview of NINR and discusses the role that nursing research plays in advancing health.


The Palliative Care: Conversations Matter® Campaign Videos

Care for Children With Serious Illnesses

This two and half minute video provides a straightforward overview of pediatric palliative care for families, providers and organizations. The video uses an animated approach to guide viewers through the services that pediatric palliative care encompasses.

El tratamiento de niños con enfermedades graves 

Spanish-captioned version of the video above.


NINR Video: "Pediatric Palliative Care: A Personal Story"

Part of NINR's "Palliative Care: Conversations Matter" campaign, this vignette shares the story of Rachel—a pediatric neuroblastoma patient—and her family. The story demonstrates how palliative care can positively influence a patient's and family's experience with illness.


NINR Video: Dr. Patti Brennan: "Nursing, Big Data, & the NIH BD2K Initiative"

Dr. Patti Brennan, a nurse scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering, discusses how the NIH and nursing research are approaching the challenges and opportunities of big data at the Jan. 2014 meeting of the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research.


NINR Video: Dr. Eric Green, Director of the NHGRI: "NIH & Biomedical 'Big Data'"

Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), discussed the impact of big data on genomics and biomedical research at the Sept. 17, 2013 meeting of the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. 

NINR Video: "Pediatric Palliative Care"
This "Palliative Care: Conversations Matter" video introduces palliative care and explains why it is important—especially for pediatric patients. It addresses common misconceptions about palliative care and encourages health care professionals to discuss palliative care with pediatric patients and their families.

NINR Video: "Starting a Conversation about Pediatric Palliative Care"

This "Palliative Care: Conversations Matter" video acknowledges that starting a palliative care conversation with pediatric patients and their families can be difficult. The video includes tips for starting palliative care conversations and for keeping these conversations ongoing.


NINR Video: NINR GPP Fellows at National Advisory Council: Part 1 Jennifer Dine

GPP Fellow Jennifer Dine presented at the Sept. 17, 2013 meeting of the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. To learn more about how the NINR Graduate Partnerships Program can grow your nursing science career, visit


NINR Video: "NINR GPP Fellows at National Advisory Council: Part 2 Kristin Filler, Q/A"

GPP Fellow Kristin Filler presented at the Sept. 17, 2013 meeting of the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. Council members' questions and comments are at the end of the presentation. 


NINR Video: "NINR Director Discusses the Innovative Questions Initiative"

NINR Director Dr. Patricia Grady discusses the Innovative Questions initiative and encourages a collaborative dialogue on nursing science. Visit to submit your Innovative Question.


NINR YouTube Channel/Video Grantsmanship Workshop:

As part of its 25th Anniversary Commemoration, NINR presented a workshop on "Introduction to Research Grantsmanship for Early Career Nurse Scientists" at regional nursing research conferences across the country.

The workshop presentations are available via our YouTube channel or by visiting The workshop highlights NINR's mission of training the next generation of biomedical and biobehavioral nurse scientists. It is appropriate for pre- and post-doctoral students and early career nurse scientists.

2013 Director's Lecture:

"It's All in the Mind: Heart Failure and the Brain"
Dr. Mary Woo, UCLA School of Nursing
NIH Videocast | 00:53:25

Podcast: NIH Radio Interviews NINR Director on Palliative Care Awareness
Dr. Grady discusses growth and development in palliative care as part of National Hospice and Palliative Care month.
3:08 min | 3.0 MB | mp3 | Transcript

NINR Video: "A Look Back at NINR's 25th Anniversary Year"
A recap of commemorative events from NINR's 25th Anniversary.

NINR Video: "Inside the SGI"

2010 NINR Summer Genetics Institute students explain how the course helped them improve skills to further their research career.

NIH VideoCast: NINR's 25th Anniversary Kickoff Symposium
 4 hrs 24 min | Close-Captioned Streaming Video

American Journal of Nursing interviews NINR Director as the Institute marks its 25th anniversary - October 2010
19:45 min| 30.9 MB | mp3

NIH Radio interviews NINR Director on "A Brief Behavioral Intervention Can Reduce Depression in Stroke Survivors" - 08/27/2009
3:37 min| 3.35 MB | mp3 | Transcript

"60 Minutes" Segment on "The Science of Sleep" - featuring National Advisory Council for Nursing Research member Dr. David F. Dinges, of the University of Pennsylvania - originally aired 03/14/2008

Integrating Palliative and Critical Care -- An educational video about improving palliative care in the ICU - released 02/05/2007
YouTube Video
Windows Media Player Video
Instructions for viewing captions


Scientific Symposium - Nursing Research: Looking to the Future - 10/11/2006
Part 1 - 1:51:22 | 26.8 MB | mp3
Part 2 - 2:25:47 | 35.1 MB | mp3
Event Podcast - 4:17:09 | 1.49 GB | mp4  4:17:08 | Real Player Streaming Video

Celebrating Nursing Science: The Research Practice Link - 06/16/2006
4:59:11 | Real Player Streaming Video

NIH Radio interviews NINR Director on the 20th Anniversary of NINR - 11/02/2005

5:50 min | 5.3 MB | mp3 | Transcript

NIH Radio interviews NINR Director on pregnancy and obesity - 12/23/2005 1:31 min | 1.4 MB | mp3 | Transcript

Science Symposium Begins 20th Anniversary, "Nursing Research: Changing Practice - Changing Lives" - 10/07/2005  (Click title to link to meeting agenda)

Part 1 - NINR Director, Dr. Patricia A. Grady mp3 | mp4
Part 2 - End of Life Session mp3 | mp4
Part 3 - End of Life cont'd mp3 | mp4
Part 4 - End of Life cont'd mp3 | mp4
Part 5 - End of Life cont'd mp3 | mp4
Part 6 - NIH Director, Dr. Elias Zerhouni mp3 | mp4
Part 7 - HIV/AIDS & Health Disparities mp3 | mp4
Part 8 - HIV/AIDS & Health Disparities cont'd mp3 | mp4
Part 9 - HIV/AIDS & Health Disparities cont'd mp3 | mp4
Part 10 - HIV/AIDS & Health Disparities cont'd mp3 | mp4
Part 11 - Harnessing Technology Pt 1 mp3 | mp4
Part 12 - Harnessing Technology Pt 2 mp3 | mp4
Part 13 - Harnessing Technology Pt 3 mp3 | mp4
Part 14 - Harnessing Technology Pt 4 mp3 | mp4
Part 15 - Symptom Management Pt 1 mp3 | mp4
Part 16 - Symptom Management Pt 2 mp3 | mp4
Part 17 - Symptom Management Pt 3 mp3 | mp4
Part 18 - Symptom Management Q&A; Closing Remarks mp3 | mp4

NIH State-of-the-Science Conference on Improving End-of-Life Care 12/6/2004 - 12/8/2004 (Click title to link to meeting report)

Day 1: 2:43:30 | RealPlayer Streaming Video
Day 2: 3:51:56 | RealPlayer Streaming Video
Day 3: 7:37:53 | RealPlayer Streaming Video


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