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Contact an NINR Program Officer

Program officers, also called program officials and program administrators, are staff scientists who administer grant portfolios in NINR’s extramural program. They are the main contact between NINR and the extramural research community and serve a resource for applicants seeking NINR research and training grants.

Officers are your primary source of information for scientific, funding, and programmatic matters. They provide important advice and feedback regarding the relevance of your ideas to NINR’s mission and funding opportunity objectives.

If you are applying to a specific funding opportunity, contact the NINR Program Officer in your funding opportunity announcement, the eRA Commons, or your Notice of Award. If you are interested in a topic area not identified, please contact any of the listed NINR Program Officers.

Contact a Program Officer:

Before you submit your application

  • Discuss application relevance to NINR mission.
  • Discuss ideas for research proposals.
  • Ask questions about FOAs.
  • Seek Guidance with application preparation.
  • Ask questions about enrollment.
  • Learn more about Data and Safety Monitoring.

After you receive your Summary Statement and Impact score

  • Find out about the funding status of your application after receiving your summary statement. Check your eRA Commons account for application information.
  • Learn more about the initial peer review of your application, after receiving your summary statement in case you need to revise and resubmit.
  • Get information on scientific and programmatic matters concerning your grant.
  • Ask questions about NIH policies.
  • Obtain details on managing your grant.
  • Discuss prior approval requirements.
  • Discuss issues that may affect progress on your research aims.

During the award:

After the Award:

  • Share upcoming publications related to your award.
  • If applicable, discuss preparing a competing renewal.