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Exploratory Centers (P20)

This mechanism is available only when announced in the NIH Guide.

For institutions with relatively new programs of research, NINR supports programs of Centers focused on building research expertise and teams for the future.  These Centers, awarded using the P20 Exploratory Grant mechanism, support the initial enhancement of research capacity at institutions with emerging research programs.  The awards support shared resources and several small exploratory research projects conducted by several investigators focused on a common research theme.  These Centers are expected to lead to:  improved capabilities at institutions with nascent research programs; an increased number of investigators involved in interdisciplinary research of importance to NINR; and larger scale research projects capable of competing for R21 or R01 levels of support.

Currently Funded P20 Grants:

Grant number
Principal Investigator
Center Name
P20NR018081 Gardner, Sue E (Contact); Rakel, Barbara Center for Advancing Multimorbidity Science: Profiling Risk and Symptom Expression to Develop Customized Therapies for Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions (CAMS) University of Iowa
P20NR018075 Melkus, Gail (Contact); Taylor, Jacquelyn Y Exploratory Center for Precision Health in Diverse Populations New York University
P20NR018072 Stone, Patricia (Contact); Shang, Jingjing  Center for Improving Palliative Care for Vulnerable Adults with MCC (CIPC) Columbia University Health Sciences
P20NR015331 Dinov, Ivo (Contact) Center for Complexity and Self-Management of Chronic Disease (CSCD) University of Michigan
P20NR016599 Jacelon, Cynthia UManage Center: Building the Science of Symptom Self-Management U. Massachusetts Amherst
P20NR016605 Starkweather, Angela Center for Accelerating Precision Pain Self-Management U. Connecticut
P20NR016575 Kelechi, Teresa The Symptoms Self Management Center Medical U. South Carolina