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Funding Opportunities: NINR Areas of Emphasis for Research to Optimize Health and Advance Health Equity

*Please see Notices of Clarification NOT-NR-23-006 and NOT-NR-23-007 for updated details on applications that are considered non-responsive to PAR-22-230 and PAR-22-231 respectively. Modified language is shown in bold italics.

The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) has published two funding announcements focusing on NINR areas of emphasis for research to optimize health and advance health equity:

These research opportunities will:

  • be rooted in nursing's holistic, contextualized approach to understanding people and their health;
  • address the nation's most pressing and persistent health challenges with a solutions orientation; and
  • employ innovative and rigorous study designs to inform practice and policy.

For more information about each funding opportunity and details on eligibility, application due dates, and award administration, please view funding announcements PAR-22-230 and PAR-22-231.

  • Please also view Notices of Clarification NOT-NR-23-006 and NOT-NR-23-007 for updated details on non-responsive applications.