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Funding Opportunity to Support the NIH Common Fund ComPASS Program Coordination Center

The NIH Common Fund has issued the funding opportunity announcement (FOA) RFA-RM-23-001: Community Partnerships to Advance Science for Society (ComPASS): Coordination Center (U24 - Clinical Trial Optional).

This funding opportunity will fund a single coordination center as an integral part of the ComPASS Program. The ComPASS Coordination Center (CCC) will provide administration, coordination, data, and research capacity-building and training support to the ComPASS consortium. In addition to the CCC, the consortium includes Community-led, Health Equity Structural Intervention (CHESI) projects that intervene on structural factors that create and perpetuate health inequities and will include Health Equity Research Hubs to provide localized technical assistance to the community-led health equity structural interventions. Read the full funding opportunity.

Key Details:

  • All applications are due on January 27, 2023 by 5:00 p.m. local time of applicant organization.
  • To help prepare an application for this FOA carefully review the funding opportunity announcement and Frequently Asked Questions about this FOA.
  • Register and plan to attend the technical assistance webinar for RFA-RM-23-001 on November 10, 2022, at 3pm-4pm (ET). NIH staff will host the webinar to discuss the overall scope and intent of this FOA, review process, and the use of the cooperative agreement (U24) mechanism. NIH staff will also be available to answer applicants' questions during the webinar. Pre-registration is required to participate in the webinar. For more information about the webinar and how to register visit:
  • Slides from a pre-recorded technical assistance presentation are available on the ComPASS website.
  • The goals of ComPASS are to 1) develop, share, and evaluate community-led health equity structural interventions that leverage partnerships across multiple sectors to reduce health disparities and 2) develop a new health equity research model for community-led, multisectoral structural intervention research across NIH and other federal agencies.