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National Nursing Research Roundtable


The National Nursing Research Roundtable (NNRR) is an informal association of nursing organizations with a significant research interest that provides clinicians, scientists, educators, scholars, and policy leaders an opportunity to come together to discuss priorities important for both the science and practice of nursing. Annually, NNRR is co-hosted by the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) and a research-focused nursing organization. 

The mission of the National Nursing Research Roundtable (NNRR) is to serve the public's health through stimulating the development of a strong, research-based nursing practice. As a collaborative of nursing organizations, the NNRR provides clinicians, scientists, educators, scholars, and policy leaders an opportunity to come together to discuss priorities in science, practice, and policy, and to envision the future.

Purpose of the NNRR

Since 1987, leaders of nursing organizations with a research focus have participated in the annual meeting of the NNRR. Together, they share advances in science and practice as they work to identify, enhance, and leverage research resources. They assess research challenges, gaps, redundancies, and opportunities. These leaders also pinpoint and support strategies, innovations, and policy initiatives that fuel new discoveries in science that drive the translation of these discoveries into improvements in our nation’s health. The annual meeting of the NNRR fosters communication, promotes collaboration, disseminates knowledge, and informs research efforts on a national scale.


Each year, a new topic is brought to the NNRR. Please see below for summaries/publications resulting from past events.

2021: Nursing Research of the Future: Using Clinical Big Data to Explore Health Inequities and Social Determinants of Health

2020: Care Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care: Planning and Interventions for Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Illness, March 5-6, 2020

2019: The Value and Importance of PhD Research Scientists to Health Outcomes

2018: Promoting State-of-the-Art Biobehavioral Approaches in Symptom Science Research through Inter- and Intra-Professional Collaborations

2017: Preparing Nurse Scientists for Sustainable Careers: Scientific Innovations & Transdisciplinary Collaborations

2016: Improving Symptom Outcomes for Persons with Complex Chronic Conditions through Continuity of Care

2015: The Nexus of Practice, Research, and Education for the Health of the Nation

2014: The Science of Caregiving

2013: Advancing the Science of Chronic Illness Self-management

2012: Vision and Innovation

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