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NINR Funding Strategies: Guidance for Fiscal Year 2023

NINR allocates its limited resources among investigator-initiated applications, applications submitted in response to NINR and NIH funding opportunity announcements (FOAs), and research training and career development applications. The Institute is committed to funding the largest number of meritorious projects possible, while allowing flexibility to support strategic program priorities and emerging scientific areas.

In general, NINR will consider the scientific and technical merit of an application as determined by scientific peer review, alignment with strategic priorities, advancement of diverse perspectives, and availability of funds in making funding decisions. NINR will give additional consideration to applications from first time R01 investigators ("early stage investigators") as defined by the NIH.

To maximize our available resources, competing research project grant awards may be subjected to programmatic adjustments in budget and number of years awarded:  

  • Competing R01 research project grants will be adjusted to achieve a 4-year average duration. Adjustments and exceptions will take into consideration alignment with the strategic plan and programmatic priorities.
  • Administrative budget reductions will typically be made to competing R01 research applications proposing a duration of 4 years or less and that are requesting more than $350,000 direct costs per year.