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Core Centers/Centers of Excellence (P30)

This mechanism is available only when announced in the NIH Guide.

For investigators and institutions with several years of demonstrated research success, NINR supports Centers of Excellence.  These Centers, awarded using the P30 Core Grant mechanism, consist of several medium-sized developmental or foundational research projects (at the level of R21 projects) organized around shared resources and research infrastructure.  The individual projects focus on similar topics or research themes of strategic interest to NINR, while enjoying the benefits of a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary research environment.  By leveraging common resources, it is expected that the individual projects will demonstrate greater productivity and will develop into independent research projects, i.e. R01 projects, more quickly than they would as separate projects without a central infrastructure.

Currently Funded P30 Grants

Grant number
Principal Investigator
Center Name
P30-NR014129 Dorsey, Susan G. Center for the Genomics of Pain University of Maryland, Baltimore
P30-NR014131 Page, Gayle Center for Sleep-Related Symptom Science Johns Hopkins University
P30-NR014134 Waldrop-Valverde, Drenna Center for Neurocognitive Studies Emory University
P30-NR014139 Docherty, Sharron Center for Adaptive Leadership in Symptom Science Duke University
P30-NR015326 Moore, Shirley SMART Center II Brain Behavior Connections in Self Management Science Case Western Reserve University
P30-NR015339 Kim Miyong Center for Transdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Self-Management Science University of Texas, Austin
P30NR016579  Dorsey, Susan (Contact), Renn, Cynthia & Resnick, Barbara Center to advance Chronic Pain Research University of Maryland, Baltimore
P30NR016585 Ward, Teresa (Contact) &
Heitkemper, Margaret
Center for Innovation in Sleep Self-Management U. Washington
P30NR016587 Bakken, Suzanne (Contact) & Hickey, Kathleen Precision in Symptom Self-Management (PriSSM) Columbia University

For more information about NINR Centers please visit the NINR Research Centers and Program Projects page.

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