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NINR Strategic PlanNINR Strategic Plan: "Advancing Science, Improving Lives"

NINR’s Strategic Plan seeks to harness the strengths of nursing science to power an ambitious research agenda that will meet current and future health care needs and anticipate future health challenges and priorities. The Plan is intended to not only serve as a guide for NINR research and training activities over the coming years, but also to provide a vision for nursing science for the next quarter century. Read the NINR Strategic Plan: Advancing Science, Improving Lives (complete PDF version, 3.0 MB).




NINR Notable Advances

NINR Notable Advances 2011-2015

This brochure provides a small, representative sample of some of the notable scientific advances supported by NINR in recent years, demonstrating the broad reach of nursing science, and the promise the field holds for improving the Nation’s health now and in the future.





Pediatric Palliative Care Brochure coverPalliative Care for Children: Support for the Whole Family When Your Child Is Living with a Serious Illness

This brochure provides an overview of pediatric palliative care and answers questions that parents and families may have, such as: 

How do I know if my child or family needs palliative care?
Does accepting palliative care mean our family is giving up on other treatments?
How can my child’s pain be managed? 
How can our family get palliative care? 


Spanish Pediatric Palliative Care brochure coverCuidados paliativos para niños: Apoyo para toda la familia cuando su hijo vive con una enfermedad grave

This brochure provides the Hispanic community with information about pediatric palliative care, which can reduce a child’s pain, help manage other distressing symptoms, and provide important emotional support to the child and family throughout the course of an illness.





thumbnail of palliative care brochure

Palliative Care: The Relief You Need When You're Experiencing the Symptoms of Serious Illness
(2.2 MB, PDF)

NINR’s palliative care brochure, available in English or Spanish (see below) describes a comprehensive treatment that helps reduce or eliminate the pain and other distressing symptoms of illness and medical treatments. To learn more about why NINR developed the palliative care brochure, visit

To order complimentary print copies, please send an email specifying the quantity and language you prefer and your mailing address to or call 301-496-0207.




Thumbnail of Spanish Palliative Care Brochure

Cuidados Paliativos: El alivio que necesita cuando tiene síntomas de una enfermedad grave
(9.3 MB, PDF)

NINR’s Spanish-language palliative care brochure describes a comprehensive treatment that helps reduce or eliminate the pain and other distressing symptoms of illness and medical treatments. To learn more about why NINR developed the palliative care brochure and created a Spanish-language version for the Hispanic community, visit

To order complimentary print copies, please send an email specifying the quantity and language you prefer and your mailing address to or call 301-496-0207.



NINR Overview Flyer

NINR Overview Flyer

The NINR Overview Flyer briefly outlines the role of nursing science, describes the institute, and offers examples of NINR-supported science.




NINR Themes Flyer

NINR Key Scientific Themes
(1.7 MB, PDF)

Building on the NINR Strategic Plan, past scientific accomplishments, and current research, four key scientific themes have evolved: Symptom Science, Wellness, Self-Management, and End-of-Life and Palliative Care. The themes are the next logical steps to further specify the general topics identified in the Strategic Plan and will guide the future growth of NINR-supported science.




Training FlyerNINR Training Opportunities Flyer

(2.9 MB, PDF)

This flyer provides an overview of the extramural, intramural, and online training programs offered by NINR. 




NINR DIR flyer

Division of Intramural Research
(2.7 MB, PDF)

This flyer provides an overview of NINR's Division of Intramural Research (DIR). 





Thumbnail of SGI brochure cover jpg format

Summer Genetics Institute at the NIH
(1.07 MB, PDF)

The Summer Genetics Institute (SGI) is a one-month intensive research training program at the NIH. The SGI provides a foundation in molecular genetics for use in research and clinical practice.




thumbnail of GPP brochure cover

Graduate Partnerships Program for Graduate Nursing Students
(704 KB, PDF)

The NINR Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP) in Biobehavioral Research offers up to five years of support for nursing students who are interested in entering or currently enrolled in a PhD program.




Building Momentum report cover

Building Momentum: The Science of End-of-Life and Palliative Care. A Review of Research Trends and Funding, 1997-2010

This report looks at the trends in end-of-life and palliative care (EOL PC) research publications over the past 14 years, including information on federal research awards, funding patterns, and the contributions of public and private investments in EOL PC science.





NINR History Book Cover

NINR's History Book
(PDF, 6.9 MB)

NINR is pleased to announce the publication of our first history book in commemoration of the Institute's 25 years at NIH.

The book explores the origins of NINR, the launching of nursing science at NIH, NINR’s advancement from a Center to an Institute, and how nursing science has progressed in the past quarter century.


"Bringing Science to Life" - NINR Strategic Plan - October 2011

Intended for researchers, clinicians, stakeholders, and the general public, the new strategic plan outlines the role that NINR-supported science can play in addressing the nation’s most pressing health and health care challenges, and details the Institute’s strategic priorities for the conduct and support of scientific research over the next five years and beyond. Publication of our new strategic plan coincides with the culmination of NINR's 25th anniversary year, and marks another important milestone in the evolution of nursing research at NIH and a quarter-century of advancing nursing science.




Changing Practice, Changing Lives brochure cover

Changing Practice, Changing Lives: 10 Landmark Nursing Research Studies
(1.38 MB, PDF)

Shows the broad impact of 10 critical NINR-supported nursing research studies on topics including transitional care, diabetes, high blood pressure and pain.





Subtle & Dangerous brochure cover

Subtle and Dangerous: Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women
(520 KB, PDF)

Explores the investigations of NINR-supported scientists into gender-related factors associated with heart disease risk assessment, heart attack symptoms, management, and recovery, and the affects of related cardiovascular conditions. This research has shed new light on differences in how men and women experience and respond to heart and other cardiovascular diseases.



The FOCUS series

These one-sheet (front and back) information sheets provide current research findings sorted by topics:

NINR Overview
Focus on NINR and the NIH Roadmap
Focus on Research Training for Nursing Students and Faculty
Aging and Long Term Care
Biobehavioral Science and HIV/AIDS
End of Life
Women's Health

NIH Fact Sheets

These Fact Sheets contain information about research areas closely related to the NINR misison, and are designed to help the public learn about how NIH is making important medical discoveries that improve health and save lives.

Fact Sheet: End-of-life

Fact Sheet: Self-management

Fact Sheet: Pain Management 
Fact Sheet: Specialized Community Interventions

The complete list of NIH Fact Sheets, covering a wide range of health topics and information on NIH programs, is available at:

Making a Difference

The research stories in the Making a Difference series give a few examples of projects by NINR-supported scientists that demonstrate how nursing research is working to improve the health of the nation’s populace and better the care of the sick and injured in many areas of concern across the lifespan.

Making a Difference: Part One - Created in 1998, this includes vignettes of the evolution of 12 studies.
Making a Difference: Part Two - Completed in 2003 with 16 vignettes of programs of research which have made a difference in practice.

NINR Research Summaries

These archived research summaries were provided by the Division of Science Policy and Public Liaison from 2000 - 2009. They offer a brief overview of some of the published research from NINR-supported scientists across the country.

Link to Monthly Nursing Research Summaries
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